Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday flea market finds

Saturday morning my sister and her daughter and I went to an antique and craft fair in a nearby town. The first stop for us was a field where the vendors just make a donation to set up, their stuff is usually not as "nice" as in town lining the streets but ya just never know where a treasure might be found. We didn't even arrive until about 11 am, after all the serious buyers were long gone, but there was still some good stuff left! I bought a lovely Johnson Brothers ironstone platter for $3.00 and a porcelain pitcher from Italy for $4, a smaller platter shaped piece with no markings on the back that I will use as a small tray in my bedroom for jewerly or perhaps in the bathroom for soaps. Lots of possibilities for a small white plate that only cost twenty five cents .

The town had lots of people and antique and craft dealers but I didn't make any purchases there....I was specifically looking for some pretty vintage aprons to hang from a peg rack in my laundry room just off the kitchen but I only saw one place with a couple old aprons and none that I wanted to bring home so it turned out to be a pleasant day and not a real expensive one!

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Susan/CqLily said...

I love the ironstone! I must never go to the right garage sales & flea markets! Those are beautiful!