Thursday, November 5, 2009

1st Christmas Post of the Season

This is the year that I will send Christmas cards and I will not be wrapping Christmas gifts on Christmas eve!

That’s right, I’m thinking about all that has to be done before the holidays and I’m getting it organized in my head and on paper and have actually begun to check some items off the “to do” list already.

Yesterday I purchased this picture that I have already hung in the kitchen to replace one that I had of autumn pumpkins. I’ve decided that in an effort to make this easier I am putting away all signs of fall so I will be ready to decorate the day after Thanksgiving (after I get home from shopping). I have always kept all my fall decorations out until after Thanksgiving because I have the Thanksgiving meal at my house. However, Thanksgiving seems to be late this year and so I may go with a different plan.

Ok fellow bloggers, when do you all get out your Christmas decorations? Would the Thanksgiving dinner be ruined by a few signs of Christmas? I’m getting anxious to get the Christmas stuff out, are you?

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Laurie said...

No Kay, you aren't rushing it! My niece starts decorating November 1st every year, she does Thanksgiving at her house. It takes her over a month to decorate, Christmas explodes in her house every year and we love it! My decorating will start soon, I find it hard to wait. The picture you got is one of my all time favorites! Have fun and relax! It's never to early in my book!