Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

I am a bit of a closet "Twlight" fan. I read the books in about a month's time and stood in line to watch the movie last night with hundreds of other fans. The movie seemed to follow the book closely and was enjoyable...of course they are never as good as the book, but the movie was pretty good and I even liked the ending....leaving the fans wanting more!

What surprised me was the number of adults in the audience.... a lot more older fans than I ever imagined would be there.

If you read the books and enjoyed them, you won't be disappoointed in the movie although if you are an Edward fan, be prepared... he pales in comparison to the wolves.....just saying


Laurie said...

OK that does it, I have to read these books! Everyone who reads them raves about the stories. My grand daughter is a huge fan, so I guess I have to dive in. Thanks for letting us know that grown ups are just as much into this as the kids are. I won't feel out of place when I go to the theatre. I'll rent the first movie before I go to this one.

Anonymous said...

I just watched it last night. I'm gonna get the last book cause I'm too anxious. And lmao at your comparison of Edward to the wolves =} (it's true)