Monday, November 2, 2009

New Contacts

I've worn contact lenses since 1970, I started out with hard lenses and then after many years moved onto gas permeable which I have worn until Friday! This past Friday was my introduction to soft lenses. They are so comfortable and I can see much better at night to drive, no glare, so they sound just about perfect and I'm almost wondering why it has taken me so long to get them. There is one small hitch, one big difference between gas perm and soft lenses and that is that I have to put my fingers in my eyes to take them out and I'm having a really hard time with that.

I have acrylic fingernails and that may be part of the problem, I'm afraid I'll tear them, or I don't know, I'm afraid if I get the tips of my fingers in to pull out the lenses that my nails will scratch my eye... I'm not sure what my problem is. Tonight I decided to take them out about 8 p.m. and somehow I managed to move the contact off my eyeball and I lost it in my eye.... of course my first reaction was to panic.....which was not productive at all. Then I called my daughter who works at Lenscrafters and surely has dealt with other uncoordinated customers....her advice was to keep trying and add a bit of saline solution. So I kept at it, and prayed, and finally got it out. My husband suggested that maybe I should have gotten a new pair of glasses instead of soft lenses!

So wish me luck... I'm going to give it another shot tomorrow!

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Ruby said...

Always use plenty of moisture before you begin. It does get easier.