Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Zippy!

Yesterday was Zippy's first birthday.  Our puppy is now a year old.  We did not celebrate.  If you follow me on facebook you know that a day before his birthday Zippy ate the wooden trim around the window in the living room!  

Having photographed it and posted about it I found out that I am not alone in the list of owners with naughty bored dogs.  Zippy is usually good when he is home alone, his major problems are when I am home and he wants attention.  He will grab anything nearby and run with it and chew on it.  Zippy has destroyed one TV remote (the replacement is hanging on by a thread), he chewed wallpaper off the wall in the kitchen and started on the baseboard.  He destroyed two pairs of glasses beyond repair and various books, magazines.  

The good news is that he is a year old, any day now he should show signs of being a good dog.  In the meantime, we will continue to have the house Zippy proofed and live with a blanket on the sofa and chair and try harder to remember to keep the bedroom doors closed!

Happy Birthday....  may you live to have many more!

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