Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blessing Others!

My daughter has accused me of being a hoarder!  I have seen the hoarder shows on TV, obviously she has not!  I have been living in the same house for almost 30 years and have accumulated a lot of "stuff".   A percentage of that "stuff" belongs to the daughter who is accusing me of being a hoarder!

  I strive for a photo shoot ready home, but there are those places where no one dare enter!  In that effort I have decided it is more than time to go through all my "stuff" and drastically reduce the amount of "stuff" I have by blessing others.  So as I begin my project, that frankly seems a bit overwhelming I will eat away at this elephant one bite at a time. 

First off, the clothes closet.  Last weekend I spent a few hours going through my closet and have taken 4 large trash bags + to the community aid dumpster.  I've gotten rid of all kinds of clothes and shoes and will be able to bless others in the process.  We are having a big yard sale at my mother's later this month but instead of going though the hassel of pricing stuff and dragging it all over there, and then making $20 on all of it, I decided to skip the hassel and concentrate on getting the stuff out of my house. 

I hope that I do not loose my momentum and that I am able to devote a bit of time each week to going though stuff and getting rid of what I don't need. I haven't used in a long time.  The photo is not as impressive as the pile on my closet floor was before it was bagged and put in my car, but when I finish the closet I will be posting before and after photos that may be a bit more impressive! 

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