Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fishing Fun!!!

My favorite little 2 year old spent the weekend visiting and having a good time at the pond.  Her papa bought her a "Frozen" fishing rod and she was eager to try her luck at fishing.  In fact, she may have caught the fishing bug.  Judging from the amount of time she spent fishing I'd say she will be a regular fishing with the boys.  She fished from the shore, and from a paddle boat with "captain daddy" and off the dock with papa.  She was a trouper with the bait and even held a salamander (although not fishing related).

Unfortunately, it may be her only trip to Pennsylvania and the pond this year!   Her mama is pregnant and won't be traveling in July and everyone's June is already full.  After the baby comes it will probably be awhile before they will be up to traveling with two children.  

So, by next year the fish will be a little bigger and hopefully Lila remains enthusiastic about fish and worms!

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