Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I hope all you mother’s had a special day. My daughter is home from college and came to church with us this morning and then took me out to a movie this afternoon. I love to go to the movies and just don’t go often enough.

We saw “Made of Honor”, I’m a big fan of Patrick Dempsey. The movie was fun and a nice way to spend my Mother’s Day. However, some idiot mother brought her young (about 8 I’d guess) to a PG 13 movie and he talked the whole way through it. Of course he was right behind us asking his mother what words like “sensitivity” and “fornicator” mean. The movie dealt with big girl themes and was really not appropriate for kids. Geesh! I think ratings are there for a reason!
Did anyone else do anything special today?


~ Lindy ~ said...

Meg's here! She arrived about 1:30 and we had lunch out together. Of course, she had to dig out the TV and is now glued to it! It's good to have her here....made Mother's Day special! Called our mother and wished her a happy day, then said a prayer for her. Wished Emily a 'happy mother's day' won't be too long for her now! June 4th is the due date! Happy Mother's Day to YOU too!!

Gerry said...

How nice to spend time with your DD.

Too bad about the movie. That woman obviously passed her "I'm Too Stupid To Parent Class" with flying colors! LOL.

But at least the child wasn't kicking the back of your seat through the whole movie :-)