Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hi, I’m up to my ears in projects and Molly wants to have a picnic on Memorial Day so that her grandparents can meet her boyfriend. So tonight I planned the menu and made a mental note of all I want to get done this weekend. We have had so much rain lately and the grass continues to grow, and it’s to wet to mow, so that’s on the list for the weekend as is cleaning. Oh did I mention that the carpets in the dining room need shampooed before my mother comes to visit!

I usually spend Memorial Day weekend planting and getting the gardens in shape. I haven’t even ordered any mulch yet and I am in the process of painting furniture (down to just 9 days) before Molly moves out! Ahhh yes, and so I have been stress eating….

Ok, take a deep breath .... I can do this!

Oh, the photo is what my house will probably look like for Memorial Day....after the grass gets mowed the flags will come out and I'll hose the porch off and call it Memorial Day!

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Joan Fricker said...

Of course you can do always get it done. Your house looks great too.
Have a great time at your party and just kick back and relax.