Saturday, January 10, 2009


fluffed It snowed all day today so I planned for a day of fluffing up the house....  what you ask is "fluffing"?   "Fluffing" is when you don't really have to clean, you just rearrange everything, change vignettes, etc.   I started in my bedroom and dressing room.  I took the white down comforter off my bed and folded it and put it at the bottom of the bed and put on another one I had that also matches the room but gives the room a bit of a warmer look.   I don't think my cleaning lady dusts the bathroom....  so I dusted in there and changed the vignette that was on the counter, then went into the living room and rearranged and fluffed the shelves on either side of the fireplace.  Previously the top shelf  just had 3 plates and was looking kind of bare so I played with that and then started rearranging the furniture.  Since no one uses that room now that we put 50" plasma out in the "man cave", I moved the furniture so the dogs can look out the window!  Ahh yes, Stewart is a happy camper!


Laurie said...

How pretty Kay, I think it's time to "fluff" this house. A little January project to chase away the duldrums. Thanks for sharing!

Joan Fricker said...

Kay, your shelves look great. I really like the way you have arranged them. I think January is always the time we want to "fluff" things. I did the same thing!