Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's really cold out there!

Is it cold where you are?  It sure is in Central Pennsylvania.  About four years ago when we got a new refrigerator we put the old one out in the garage and we have been using it for soda and extra food, etc.  I love having an extra place to store cold food! 

Unfortunately I forgot to check  the temperature in the refrigerator and I knew that as it was getting colder outside and the soda was starting to get kind of slushy I should have been concerned.  Well today it happened...   a can of soda exploded in the refrigerator. This was not my first experience with a can exploding so I should have been concerned a few days ago, but it was easier to just ignore the problem and  now I have a mess that I am not cleaning up until it gets much warmer in the garage!    I think it's going to be warming up so I have my fingers crossed that the mess doesn't get any worse.

I guess I can be happy that we didn't have any pipes break, yep, things could be much worse!  soda mess (824 x 618)


Laurie said...

I had that happen once Kay, when the power went out and I forgot I had CHICKEN in the freezer!! I didn't think the smell would ever go away, and what a mess! I won't go into detail..
It's so freezing here, the wind is blowing like crazy, it's snowing, and the temperature is so below freezing. Come on Spring!
Did you color your hair yet!?

Cottage said...

Kay, bless your heart, not what you need in the chill of winter. *shivers*

Laurie said...

Oh no!! What a mess! You poor thing! Not to brag Kay but you are having colder temperatures then we are here in Alaska. Our now is almost gone! It was 51 yesterday and today it was 40. Not our usual weather but we will take it. For 2 weeks we were at -40 to -50. I will take 50 any day over -50. Stay warm and I do hope it warms up soon.

~ Lindy ~ said...

You sure seem to have a lot of MESSES! (remembering the mashed potato flakes in the drain! AND the spilled paint!) YUK...that sure looks like a big project! Did the can freeze? Is that why the explosion? Isn't odd that the INSIDE of the refrigerator changed temperature just cause it was colder OUTSIDE the fridge? I would have thought the temperature remained matter what the external temp. was/is. Well...sorry that you have yet another mess to clean up!

Joan Fricker said...

Oh Kay, it is not a fun thing to happen!!! I also would have thought that the temperature would remain the same in the refrigerator. That is good to know.

Jon was out in the pond house last week and found out that a quart size bottle of bubbles had frozen and is all over. Won't that be a mess in the spring when it starts to warm up in Indiana. Yikes!

It is 34 degrees in Indiana this morning!!! I will send it your way!!

kari and kijsa said...

Oh no! Shooo- at least it wasn't a diet COKE that was wasted!! that would be horrible!! LOL!
Just catching up- have a fabulous weekend!
kari & kijsa