Thursday, January 29, 2009

We've Got Snow

It snowed here yesterday...a wet kind of snow....snow followed by sleet...  not wonderful for driving but great for kids and snowman making.  On my way home from work I noticed the kids in our neighborhood had a cute little snowman in their front yard.  I don't know about you but every time I see a snowman my heart melts.....I just think that it shows such creativity and spirit of fun in kids and I always imagine the fun that the kids had building the snowman. 

I didn't get a photo of the snowman but this one will always be a favorite of nephews built it in our front yard one Christmas. 

Anyone else enjoying the snow?snowman


Anonymous said...

LOL what a day!!! I forgot how massive that thing was!

Laurie said...

Well Kay, I was enjoying the snow, but now, after such a cold winter, and trying not to slip and fall, I'm so ready for Spring!! You know I haven't seen a snowman yet this winter, which is sad. I guess kids just don't like playing outside anymore!

Kay said...

I love snowmen, as well. Unfortunately, we don't get many snowman worthy accumulations here in middle Tennessee...but when we do, we make the most wonderfully imaginative snow people.....much like the guy in your photo, who is just dripping with personality! (no pun intended.)