Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Club

I think classic literature is lost on me. Last night our book club discussed Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I was the one who actually picked the book because I tried to read it in high school and just couldn't get into it. I was sure, now that I'm in my 50's my taste in literature would have greatly improved and reading a classic like that would give me a somewhat scholarly feeling as I read such a great work in literature. I'm here to report that nothing has changed, although as I struggled through about half of the book, I resorted to finishing it by cheating and reading a chapter by chapter synopsis!

I do enjoy listening to the girls who actually read the books each month discus character development and plot line, etc. and I understand what the book was really about after someone points it out to me, but I have decided that classic literature and most literature in general is right over my head.

Next months selection is " The Lovely Bones".... I'm hoping I am able to read the book and don't run to catch the movie before the next meeting!


ceekay said...

Thanks for visiting me! I too am not a reader of books. Give me a magazine and I will devour it front to back, back to front...but please don't ask me to read a book. It isn't because I can't, I just don't want to...I will wait till the movie comes out!

CarolynPhi said...

I have to say, I've discovered exactly the same thing!! I LOVE to read books, and devour them daily (mostly at bedtime!! However, I get amnesia every once in a while and decide that perhaps I ought to read something "classic."

A couple of years ago, it was Mark Twain....who would have thought it would be so boring? Then, I tried a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci...good grief, that was even worse!! My latest was the poems of Elizabeth Barratt Browning... Out of this huge tome, I was able to find only two or three of her poems that actually rhymed, and made a bit of sense...I decided I wasn't nearly bright enough to appreciate the others.

I've found that I'm quite shallow, and much prefer my murder mysteries, and detective stories much more than those that might "enlighten" me!

Have you ever tried reading "Little Women? Don't bother! LOL!


gocrazywithme said...

I've never read Wuthering Heights, but I read The Lovely Bones soon after it came out. I would never have guessed they'd make a movie out of it. I may have to see it just so I can figure out why they did.

I'm with you on "great literature". The nuances are lost on me.

Willa said...

Some classics I like and some I don't. One of the ways I "read" them is to listen to them on long boring trips in the car and sometimes i just keep one in the cd player for around town. My issue is I just want to know what they are about. But the books on Tape works better for books I don't love. I sometimes listen while stitching.

~ Lindy ~ said...

Here's a book for your book club if you like to study characters. Charles Dicken's "Martin Chuzzlewitt". I watched it in movie form and it was WONDERFUL! I'm sure the book must be even better. Take that on one if you dare!! :)