Friday, July 8, 2011

Not the way to start the weekend!!!

Just as I was ready to leave to run errands this afternoon a big storm blew in and blew a  big  branch off our silver maple tree, not the way I wanted to start the weekend.   It also blew shingles off our garden shed.  I'm guessing Mr. Kay will not be happy to see that job either.

Luckily the branch missed the lamppost and it is still standing.  I would bet that the flowers I have planted around it were not as lucky.

Oh well, the storm is over and I'm off to pick up a few things before our women's ministry meets tonight.. 

I hope the rest of you have a great weekend with no glitches..... 

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Marilyn said...

I've been looking around your blog. Very nice. I'll be looking forward to seeing your photoshop work from Kim's class.♥