Monday, May 20, 2013

Lucketts At Last!

I had a great weekend.  Once again I spent the weekend with my daughter and son-in-law at the Luckets Spring Market outside of Leesburg Virginia.  It did not disappoint!  

Saturday's weather was not the best....I wore my raincoat most of the day, it was cool and about the time we had seen everything, it started to rain so we called it quits for the day. 
In addition to the shopping, I removed the wallpaper border from the baby's room, and help Matt hang a large mirror in their bedroom.  He put up a cute pink chandelier and did some other odd jobs around their new home.

On Sunday after we had a somewhat productive day at their house, we decided to go back to Lucketts and see what else we could find!  Sundays are great at the market because the dealers don't want to pack up their stuff so the prices often reflect that!  Molly and Matt got a great table for less than haf price, I seriously considered this cabinet to hold my jewerly....and I'm kicking myself today for not bringing it home.  Although in all honesty, I'm not sure we could have gotten everything in the back of the Jeep.

I bought a quilt from this vendor and as she was getting my credit card infor she asked my address.  Imagine my surprise when she laughed at my address and said she was from Mifflintown!  All the way to Virginia to buy a quilt I could have gotten a half hour from my home!

Another great thing about the Spring market on Sunday is that there are much less people!  It is much more relaxed.  Molly and I took our books, "Inspired You" by Miss Mustard Seed and she very graciously signed them.  She is as pleasant as she appears in her blog. 

I had a great weekend and can't wait till next year!  You can count on me being there again.  Check in on Wednesday and I'll show you what I bought!

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