Sunday, May 12, 2013

Plant a Salad

Today the kids in my Sunday School class got to plant a salad for their mothers for Mother's Day.  I picked up the salad ingredients on Friday and had everything ready to go.  Each child got a lettuce plant, a flat parsley and two violas.  I wanted to make sure I had stuff that would be edible and fun. 

The girls were surprised to know that violas are edible.  I did caution them to put their pots outside and let them be cleaned off from the rain before eating any of it, who knows what may have been sprayed on them. 

We started by putting a coffee filter in a pot because there were drain holes in the bottom of the pots.  We didn't want the potting soil to fall out of the holes, but it is wise to have adequate drainage for the pots.

We added enough soil so that the soil level on the plants would reach the top of the pot and they would be planted at the same level in our pots as they were coming from the green house.  We opened up the roots and put the plants in each pot.

Finally we filled any holes in the pot between the plants with extra potting soil, added a tag and the girls were very proud to take their pots home for their mother's.  I hope they remember to water them!

My daughter and her husband were home to visit for the weekend.  They took Mr. Kay and I out for dinner as well as his parents.  We had a lovely lunch.  Thanks Molly and Matt!  I can't wait for next Mother's Day when we add you to the list of "mothers".

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