Saturday, November 3, 2007

Latest Layout

Al drove my parents to their winter home in Florida this week and so I enjoyed a few days at home alone with no responsibilities that come with being a wife or mother. I worked on Molly’s sorority scrapbook and shopped. Molly is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and she has a “little”. One of the responsibilities of a “big” is to make a scrapbook of the pledging process to present to the "little" with all the pledging activities, etc. Since I am a scrap booker Molly assigned me the job. This is one of the layouts I did of Molly’s “little”.

Being home alone seemed like a good time to start my Christmas shopping so I’m proud to announce that the shopping has begun and I purchased a few things….ok, a couple things and I bought a few things for myself. I hate that I enjoy “things” so much…. The stores are decorated for Christmas and stocked with goodies. There were lots of sales although I don’t’ think I bought anything on sale!

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