Friday, November 30, 2007

Progress on my Block

Here is the progress I am making on my block. I am not moving very fast on this, I have had a lot of life's little interuptions! We are starting lesson 4 on my online class already and I am way behind. One nice thing about the class is that I have been getting a lot of worthwhile information that I can apply at any time in my stitching progress. It seems most others taking the class are in the same boat that I am as far as time goes. Since I am a beginning stitcher our teacher has encouraged us to make a sampler to practice our stitches so I am doing that as well and trying to make sure I get my technique down!

One of my goals this weekend is to find some time to stitch....and find time to decorate!

1 comment:

Pearl said...

I just love this one, the colors you use are my colors. Just beautiful!