Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bad News - Good News

Yesterday Molly's boyfriend was on the front page of the local newspaper. Here is the link:
This story is just heart wrenching and has been on my mind and in my prayers for a few weeks. As I understand it, the parents of Molly's boyfriend have lived here in the US for about 25 years, they have raised 4 productive children, he is a dr. with about 2000 patients here in Central Pennsylvania and she owns and operates a small asian grocery store in a nearby town. They are well respected citizens of the community. When they applied to come to the US they were single but before they were granted permission to come here, they were married and they didn't change the status on their paperwork. And now they are facing deportation in less than 2 months unless one of our senators intervene and get a bill passed which is not an easy I'll keep on praying for this deserving family to be able to stay here.

On a brighter note, Molly talked her dad into buying her a new car, they finally found just what she wanted in Allentown of all places so this morning Al drove the 2.5 hr. trip to look at it and purchased it and this afternoon Steven drove Molly there to pick it up. So tonight she is the proud owner of a 2008 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring car. It's white with black interior. I hope she keeps it cleaner than she kept the Dodge Neon!

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