Sunday, November 11, 2007

Online Class

I'm taking an online class at Joggles and am quite excited about it. I read 47 pages this weekend and pieced two 8" blocks that I plan to "encrust" with threads, buttons, beads, etc. Well that is the plan. Of course in the next 5 weeks I'll be making Thanksgiving dinner, doing the traditional Black Friday shopping, cleaning and decorating for the holidays and finishing up Molly's scrapbook for her sorority sister. I have to make time for stitching somewhere! These are the two blocks I pieced today.

Yesterday was Parents Weekend at Susquehanna and the Kappa Delta sorority had a luncheon for their parents and a little ceremony where the parents got pinned with the sorority ribbons. It was nice of the girls to plan something for their parents....of course after the lunch Molly and I went shopping and it cost me a down filled vest at American Eagle... Next week is her "gotcha" day and of course she doesnt' forget an event if there is a gift involved :)


Gerry said...

I love the pink block. And it rocks with attitude!

gocrazywithme said...

Both blocks look great. Hope you'll post pics of the encrusting process as you do it. I'm not so much an encruster, but would love to see it done!
What is "gotcha" day?
Janet in Colorado

Sharon said...

Oh your blocks are so pretty. My favorite would have to be the pink one too. Good luck, I hope to get to see the finished project.

Cottage said...

Your blocks are so pretty! I hope to see the progress you make step by will be Fabulous!! Congrats to your daughter pledging Kappa Delta! That is such a fun part of school!!