Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! So far I am off to a good start with the project room cleaned and organized and the Christmas decorations coming down. This photo is evidence that Christmas is gone from the kitchen. I also finished the sunroom and most of the living room, I will finish the dining room this weekend.

Every year I make New Year’s Resolutions without a lot of success…. Hopefully this year will be different. Our gym has a challenge out for its members; lose 8 pounds by April 1 and receive $80, and an additional $10 per pound up to 20 pounds. I think that is a pretty good incentive to finally lose 10 pounds, or more. So, lose weight tops the resolution list this year. And of course, I want to get healthy along the way. Here is the official list:

1. Lose weight, get healthy

2. Drink less soda, more water

3. Go to the movies more often

4. Make friends - My daughter says the make believe people on the internet don't count!

5. Find pictures for the empty wall going up the stairs.

6. Enjoy life more

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