Saturday, January 12, 2008

They're Gone!!

After a month of Molly and Megan being home for Christmas break, they have both finally returned to their colleges and I am breathing a sigh of relief. My niece Megan left last night and Molly packed this morning and was out of here by noon. Al is only home on the weekends right now and I am so looking forward to a clean and quiet house this week. Well the downstairs is clean…. I ventured upstairs this morning was amazed at Molly's bathroom! Towels and paper, etc. everywhere… her bedroom/warehouse is not any better! Ugh! It’s a good thing I like to clean and organize…I’ll tackle that sometime before spring break! For now I’m just happy to be home with my feet propped up.

Last week all we did was shop! Every day about lunchtime when Molly would roll out of bed (the past two nights it has been the sofa because her bed was piled with so much "stuff" she couldn’t even sleep there) she would call me and talk me into taking her shopping somewhere… Let’s see we went to State College one day, Williamsport another day because she REALLY wanted to go to Olive Garden for lunch, a movie one day (her boyfriend doesn’t like chick flicks) and of course we made a couple trips to the local mall to see what was on sale.

I do love to shop so when I say she talked me into it, it really was not that difficult of a job. During my travels last week I found some cute things that I almost needed… I found these cute bird salt and pepper shakers and these Valentines decorations. I also picked up a very cute Easter egg topiary that I can't wait to use! I also bought new rugs for the kitchen and sun room. So, next week I am hoping to spend time in the project room doing something creative. I’ll keep you posted if that happens.

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