Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just One More!

I didn’t stitch this pillow, I bought it on Etsy from Joanne the craftsmanship on this pillow is amazing. The stitches are so very consistent; Joanne is very good at what she does. If you are in the market for a pillow or purse, check out her site. I sure didn’t need another pillow but the colors were perfect in my sunroom and of course the little girl holding a purse reminds me a bit of Molly who has a weakness for purses! So, today my day was made when I went to the post office to pick up my little package.


Gerry said...

How cute! I love the little bloomers.

Knitting Kris said...

Great pillow! For the record, your pillows are every bit as nice....hint hint! ETSY - did you start a store yet? :)

Erin~~The Classy Rabbit~~ said...


I navigated my way to you through the Shabby Cottage yahoo group! I love your blog and what a beautiful pillow! I have to agree with knitting kris - your pillows are just as beautiful! Have a great weekend!