Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad Dog!!!

I have only ever had 2 dogs in my lifetime and both of them are currently living with my husband and I. Both of these terriers enjoy a game of “running” anytime they get the opportunity.

Earlier this week I put both dogs out on a lead in the front yard to enjoy the sunshine while I was puttering in the gardens raking up leaves, etc. We were out for about an hour when all of a sudden I looked up and Stewart broke free of the chain and was headed to the back yard and freedom!

Funny thing is that he doesn’t run down the street, he more or less stays in the back yards of the neighbors and our house but he absolutely will not come to me at all…. If I call him he takes one look at me and runs as fast as he can away from me. He usually is close enough for me to see where he is but will not come home and when he does he is ALWAYS covered in mud and plant material has attached to his fur….ugh….He likes to explore the farmers field behind our house as well.

Both my dogs play this game although the older one usually takes off and when I decide to go after him he will sit when commanded and come back home. But he has been almost as bad as Stewie in his younger years.

Now I know of many dogs who are content to hang out with their people and can come and go with no temptation to run away. What’s with Stewie? I’m afraid it’s going to be a long summer of worrying about my dog getting hit by a car.


the fan said...

saucy and Loopy were also afraid of having our beloved Wrigley escape into harms way - so we enrolled in "Doggie School" and learned a couple of tricks to keep him coming back to us, quickly and safely. Your little one looks adorable getting his bath - I can see why you worry! Good luck with the teaching. xoxo the fan

Laurie said...

Aww Stewie! I wondered how he was doing. He's still so cute too. I think some breeds are more prone to do that but I have no idea. Our yard is fenced in and our dogs don't run. Good luck keeping him in your yard this summer. He's so adorable.

Joan Fricker said...

Poor Stewey!!!! He wants to be free!

I finally figured out a way to get Whiskers to quit running. I would sit on the ground and he couldn't figure out what I was doing and he would come back to me.

I know how frustrating it is, used to drive me nuts!
Good luck!