Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Signs of Spring

Last weekend I was pleasantly surprised by an almost warm day on Saturday. I actually went outside and cleaned up one of my flower beds and burned some leaves.

This week I spotted my first robin of the season. That is always a big thrill for me and I usually keep track of the date of my first robin spotting of the season each year. Today another Saturday with nice weather and I once again planned to spend part of my day raking leaves and burning them and clearing out some of the garden beds. Right now my back is killing me but I am satisfied with the progress I made today outside.

I took this photo of my first crocus that is blooming. My neighbor always seems to have hundreds blooming before I get any blooms so by the time I get any blooms I feel confident that spring can't be far away.

What are your favorite signs of spring that you look forward to each year?


~ Lindy ~ said...

Speaking of robins....I spotted about 12 of them this morning as I drove to Bible Study. I'm enjoying the purple crocus and white snow drops at my employer's home!

gocrazywithme said...

Hi Kay,
The first signs of spring around our house are tulips peeking out of the ground. The flower bed is up against the house, so warmer than usual, and they will usually start showing themselves in February. They started blooming on Sunday. Today it snowed. That's life in Colorado.

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