Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Love My Job.... most days

Today was one of those days that I love my job. I am an administrator at a church and most days its a great job. It takes me less than 5 minutes from the time I leave my house till I put the key in my office door, I don't have to punch a clock and I can work my 40 hours any time I want throughout the week, there is no dress code and I can wear flip flops to work any time I want! I get to be creative and do bulletin board displays and play graphic artist so, for me, it's an ideal job. On the down side, it isn't a very financially lucrative job but there isn't a whole lot of stress and did I mention I can wear flip flops if I want!

Today was a good day because I got to hire help for me. Since our secretary left in December I have been doing her job as well as my own. Unfortunately the pile of projects that I want to get to has been growing so it was time to call for help. The person I hired is very sweet and pleasant and has a gift of compassion (which I lack....that's why I'm happy that my office is in the basement). And the good news is that after her first day she is coming back on Monday!

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Laurie said...

What an ideal job Kay, it would be so nice to find such a job here, but they're few and far between right now!