Sunday, December 2, 2007

The decorating begins!!!

I've started my Christmas decorating project this week. The sunroom, kitchen and living room are finished. Well I do need a tree in the living room yet and I have the dining room to do as well, but I am on my way.
My husband thinks decorating for Christmas is a matter of pushing the furniture into one corner of the room to make room for the tree and then adding a few other things that I keep in boxes all year long... when what I actually do in every room is rearrange furniture, move some stuff out of the room and bring other pieces into the room. I also clean well as I am decorating and do all all that deep cleaning that only gets done a few times a year. Today one of the things that was moved out of the living room was a huge fern that had some dead leaves in it so I took that outside and shook it well before finding a corner for it in the dining room. Each year I decorate differently so it just seems to take forever. I will take photos later this week when the light is good. Right now, I just have a photo of my mantle to show for my efforts.

PS. One of the candles on the mantle does not match the rest but since I took the photo I found the candle that I knew I had somewhere and replaced it so that now all three candles are the same!

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