Sunday, February 3, 2008

Camera Case

I want to remember to take photos more often. I am amazed at the number of bloggers who post every day with something of interest as well as a top quality photo! I got a new camera after Christmas and its a lot nicer than my old one. So, I am hoping to somewhat improve my photography skills this year. It is also smaller and can fit conveniently in my purse. The only thing is that I didn't have a camera case and so I didn't take my camera with me unless I knew that I would need it. So I made one last week. I just wanted something that would protect my camera. I lined it with a soft felt and embellished the front a bit and I can now keep my camera in my purse without worry.


Knitting Kris said...

Beautiful! I'm amazed yet again at your talents! Now, do you think you think you could make a knitting bag?

TinaTx said...

Love your little camera case! I got a new 'small enough to fit in my purse' camera for Christmas too - it lives in a boring black leather case - but at least I usually have it with me now.

Reenie said...

Hi Kay,
I've been meaning to leave a comment on your blog (I think Adie gave me your blog address) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it every time I visit! You are so creative and unique with decor and your crafts.
I do have a question...I have Word 2007 and can publish from there but my photos aren't making up to Blogger. Any input or advice???Thanks! BTW, thanks for visiting my little corner. Stay tuned! OK?

Dawn said...

Very pretty case, Kay!!!!!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

This is so pretty Kay!! I love it!