Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine Surprise

Today when I went to the post office there was a “pink” box for me. When I opened the box I found out that it was from Rose in Arizona. She is a member of one of the yahoo groups that I am on and we did a Valentine gift exchange. The stuff she sent me was all very wonderful…..I am quite surprised that she was able to pick out exactly the kind of stuff I love. Rose has wonderful taste in decorating… one of the photos she shared with our group was of a piece of furniture that she had refinished into a beautiful white sideboard. Above the sideboard was a collection of plates with a lacy edge. I have been so inspired by that photo that I keep looking for plates with a lacy edge also. And finally found some at Christmas time, I’m still on the lookout.

The photos are of the “pretties” she sent me, everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbons, lots of pretty ribbons. She sent me a great little pink votive candle, some heart ornaments, there were so many of those that I was able to use them at several places in my home. I noticed this morning that I don’t have anything Valentine-ish in my bathroom…I do now… I put some of those hearts in a bowl with some crinkled paper, they look great. Ok, she also gave me a stuffed chenille heart, and some pink tissues. I had admired a bobeche someone had on their coffee table one time and she sent me two of those. I just love them!!!! There was also a box filled with laces and trims and buttons and embellishments that I will be using for my crazy quilting and in addition she sent me a stack of fabric that I will be able to use for crazy quilting. I am definitely a happy camper tonight!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What a wonderful Valentine's surprise! Your friend Rose is quite giving and thoughtful!!

Gerry said...

My, my aren't you the lucky girl?!?!?!? How sweet.

Knitting Kris said...

Great swap! I've never done a swap yet....don't know if I'd have the time to shop for all of the little neat things now.
I had to laugh about your post with Molly's bathroom! We have the same bedroom issues here.

Doushura said...

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