Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dreaming of Spring

Can’t wait for my weeping cherry tree to bloom, but with snow being forecast for tomorrow, I guess I can put thoughts of spring on the back burner for awhile and enjoy what I imagine will be a three day weekend for me. Our secretary and I decided that we are going to stay home tomorrow and not worry about bad roads, etc.

I have had about enough winter and cold weather for the year and I have been looking for signs of spring… I guess I am a little early because I haven’t really seen any of the typical signs of spring yet; my bulbs are all still safely tucked into the ground and the robins aren’t ready to take on the Central Pennsylvania temperatures yet. Oh wait, The Valentine decorations are stashed in the attic for another year and I brought the big box of Easter/spring decorations down to transform my home. Maybe I will just take matters into my own hands and transform things around here so that until Mother Nature is ready to give up winter I will feel like spring indoors!

Do you have any special signs of spring that you are looking for? What says spring has arrived to you?


Knitting Kris said...

Lucky duck, being able to stay at home today! I hate driving in this weather!
Daffodils and tulips are what I love about Spring.
I'm longing for Spring too!

Joan said...

What a beautiful picture! You certainly make me want spring too!
I love to watch the flowers wake up and things come alive again. It
is a miracle to me every year.

~ Lindy ~ said...

I beat you on the Easter/Spring decorations! All mine are out and I even bought some new! Today my employer gave me a lovely bunch of 'pussy willow' branches. So I just finsihed putting those in a jar and making an "I'm Ready For Spring" display in my entry / stairs. The smell of Hyacinths has to be the BEST thing to ignite my senses for Spring!

Ashley said...

all the bradford pears, which are EVERYWHERE here, start blooming the most delicate, beautiful white flowers. the whole tree looks like a big, white ball of fluff. then...they all start falling to the ground and blowing everywhere and everyone who has seasonal allergies gets sick...ha, ha!