Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Post for My Sister!

I finally have gotten my sister Lindy hooked on blogs. She reads them as well as writes one of her own. Anyhow, she will be reading this so I just wanted to let her know that I am using the Christmas gift she gave me. That’s the gift filled with Easter Candy on my kitchen island. The plates that were with it, I discovered on Friday when I was cleaning most likely did not come with the plate holder, they are a Lenox pattern. I thought they were very pretty and I wasn’t really appreciating them on the plate holder thingy so I removed them and hung them on the wall. Then today when I was shopping I saw the same pattern at Macy’s and was glad I decided to hang them on the wall. Here is a photo of the plates too! So thanks for the Christmas gift, I'm enjoying it even more now!


Anonymous said...

oh cute...loving the quilt.

Joan Fricker said...

I bet Lindy loves what you did with her gift. It is a great and clever idea!!