Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Nesting!!!

Spring must be in the air! My internal clock has me in the “nesting” mode. I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing lately. Yesterday I decided to tackle Molly’s upstairs bathroom. The “before” photos don’t do her mess any justice at all, it really was much worse in person… It’s hard to believe that such a pretty and pulled together child could be such a slob! (she doesn’t read my blog) Thank goodness she does show some maturity at school. Her dorm room is much better than her bedroom. Maybe she knows she is on her own at school and her mom won’t rescue her. Anyhow…. don’t tell anyone, but I enjoy cleaning when the result is so drastic, and I now I can relax knowing that her bathroom is clean and will stay clean till she comes home for the summer. I may even venture into her bedroom if I can’t shake this nesting thing I am feeling!

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