Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coffee and Cupcakes

As an administrator of a church, occasionally I make time to do a fun job like making the arrangements for a reception. One of the members of our congregation died suddenly this week, she was a very vibrant and young 65 and loved people and entertaining. Her husband asked us to have some light refreshments available during the viewing which was held at the church last night. So…. I went through my stash of tablecloths and then baked cupcakes to match and ordered a veggie tray. This is what it looked like.

One thing I learned from the evening is that I need to get some mini cupcake pans… I think more people would have eaten a cupcake if they had been smaller and easier to manage. So, I’m putting that on my list!


Carolynn said...

oh yes....agree about the cupcakes being messy. cookies would have served better i imagine, but your cupcakes are SO pretty. i'm sure the family appreciated the reception regardless. lindy

Knitting Kris said...

Oh, the cupcakes are lovely. I would have eaten one, had we been able to attend. Such as shock about Carolyn. What a lovely person she vibrant and fun!
BTW - I'm a bit behind on blog posts, but I love the garden photos, and Molly's curtains ROCK! :)