Sunday, June 22, 2008

End of Season Planting

Yesterday’s project was working in the garden and as I pulled weeds and dead headed I realized that I had quite a few empty spaces. I decided a trip to the local farm market was in order. When I arrived they were quite busy, I headed to the green house and noticed that they must have gotten a new shipment of stuff in because they had some lovely rosemary and other herbs in very good condition. I even found some very healthy looking pineapple sage which I haven’t had in my gardens for a number of years so I picked up one of those and a couple of wave petunias. There were no prices on any of the new stuff so I didn’t pick up to much.

I stood in line for a few minutes and when I got to the check out there was a man running the cash register who I was sure would not know the prices of anything…I was right…my bill was $1.50. I asked him how much the rosemary was and he told me 50 cents so I had him add 2 of those. When I went back out to the greenhouse for the rosemary I noticed some bacopa that I had looked for at a couple other greenhouses this year and couldn’t find. Also a Diamond Frost (Euphorbia), I don’t have any experience with that but I’m figuring as long as the same man is at the cash register I will be getting a pretty good deal. So I left with quite a haul for only $3.50…. I was feeling a bit guilty like I just robbed the local farm market as I left.

I brought everything home and got it all planted.


Joan Fricker said...

Your planter looks wonderful Kay!
You certainly got a bargin on those plants.

Carolynn said... those prices i could afford a trip to PA to resell plants in CT!! (j/k....i'm staying im ME) nice planter!

Karen said...

Thanks for your kind welcome on my blog.

You have a very nice blog. Your flowers are so pretty!