Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Farewell Mr. Burns

Molly's favorite high school teacher retired after teaching as the band director for 35 years. On Sunday his wife pulled off a huge surprise for him. She had a retirement party and roast and invited ALL his former students, etc. to join the celebration. A group of alumni (all ages) got together one last time for a quick song or two at the party. The photo shows him joking with Molly in the flute section before picking up the baton one last time.

I enjoyed 2 trips to DisneyWorld as a chaperone while she was in the band as well as a lot of fun raising money for those trips. So, farewell Mr. Burns, enjoy your retirement!

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Joan Fricker said...

Kay, Glad you had a good time. What a nice tribute his wife gave him. I am sure he will never forget it. It sounds like he was a teacher everyone liked. Thanks for sharing your day!