Saturday, June 28, 2008

Piles of paper

Yesterday as I was cleaning I found myself moving piles of paper and miscellenaous items and wondering how in the world one can accumulate so much paperwork! It is just my husband and I living at home anymore so you would think by now things would be under control…. But not yet! There is rain in the forecast for the weekend I guess I’ll be tackleing piles of paper.

Ok, so the thing is….I read a lot of blogs. I just love to see how other people live, and they have me about half convinced that we are the only family that has “piles”. Even when the bloggers are taking a random photo of the dog in their kitchen the countertops are spotless….if I took a photo of my kitchen counters right now, you would see a pile of “stuff” next to the phone and an empty vase that hasn’t been put away and crumbs from my husband’s lunch…moving onto the island where we actually eat is a stack of mail waiting for Molly to come home for a visit (I’m moving her pile to a cupboard or somewhere out of site) and yesterdays newspaper.

I guess I'll go put something away... in the time it is taking me to list what is out of place, I could probably have it put away. So back to get the mountain of paper under control!


Joan Fricker said...

Kay, your counter is like my desk.
I cannot believe how the paper work piles up. Could that be it is because we get so much junk mail?

Of course if I would deal with it every day instead of waiting 3 or 4days when I have "time",the pile might not get so high????

We should make it our goal to keep each other accountable at taking care of the "pile" each day?

What do you think?


Knitting Kris said...

Believe me, as I visit many are NOT the only one with a paper problem. Many people have this issue. Our drop-off is the kitchen table, as it's ride inside our porch. YUCK!
I've tried different ways of fighting this over the years....let me know if you find one that works!

~ Lindy ~ said...

you guys.... :)

try a basket or drawer. maybe you should consider STOPPING all the exess paper. like...bills (you can pay online) or junk mail (leave it at the PO) or read the newspaper onilne even! or...what about a trash basket (for paper) very near where the piles accumulate? i try to 'hide' my binders, drawer or a plastic type bin that i use. :)