Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Job....Sort of...

I have been looking for fulltime work for a couple months. We have a daughter in college and money has been tight around here. I also have extra time on my hands since my “mothering” days are not as much in demand as my daughter has moved into her own apartment. Anyhow, I was looking for a job in a nearby town and my husband and I were seriously thinking about the adventure of moving closer to shopping and “take-out”. We even started getting rid of quite a bit of accumulated JUNK anticipating a move!

Well to make a long story short, the job that I am presently working at offered me full time work with benefits. So instead of working 25 hours a week I am now at my office for 8 hrs. a day. And, we will be staying in our home for a few more years.

Since my office is now going to be my home away from home, the first order of business has been to “decorate”. I am an administrative assistant at my church and am the first person to have that job so the office that they gave me was actually a storage room with no heat, air conditioning or window, just pipes and wiring running everywhere… I have made the best of a poor situation and am actually liking the fact that I am downstairs and at the end of a hall and that I can work uninterrupted because no one can find my office! Here are the before and after photos…

Once again while my sister was visiting I drug her down there to help out and she even did the shopping and picked up fabric for my make over… Here is a photo of her hanging fabric to cover the pipes that were everywhere. Thanks Lindy… I still have painting to do. The paint I picked out looks awful on the wall so I’m taking it back to see if they can add some brown to it to tone it down.


Joan Fricker said...

Oh wow Kay, what a difference a little fabric makes in your office.
Lindy did a great job. I am sure you enjoy going to work every day a lot more than you did before the decorating was done.

Thanks for sharing where you spend your days!


Carolynn said... i seeing some yellow on the bi-fold closet doors? the last two photos don't enlarge! (not that my REAR needs me be enlaraged!!) i REALLY LIKE the scripture lettering! good job!

Carolynn said...

and....don't forget the TRIM around the desk skirt!! :)

Knitting Kris said...

Holy cow - I totally missed the news that the church was hiring you full time! Congrats! Can I stop by your new digs for a visit?