Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Topiary

A couple weeks ago I made a pumpkin topiary and it's just what the front porch needed. I took off all the flowers and plants as well as some of the furniture, so things are looking pretty bare on the porch.... It was probably close to 80 degrees today....unseasonably warm for the middle of October. The warm weather is fine with me... I love warm October days!
No real instructions, I used glue... I was looking for museum wax but couldn't find any so I just looked in my cabinets to see what kind of glue I had that might work. I was afraid if I used a dowel rod the pumpkin would rot to soon. I did use pins to keep the leaves on the pumpkin.


Carolynn said...

very cute....great idea! i should do one of those. where can i find instructions? guess i really only need to know how the two pumpkins are 'attached'. ?? my guess is you stuck some type of large "skewer" in the bottom pumpkin and then speared the second pumpkin with the other 'skewer' end ?? please share the details :)

Joan Fricker said...

What a great idea for your front porch Kay! It is beautiful for fall!