Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet Surprise

I had one of those weeks when on Thursday night I crawled into bed and had no idea where the week went. I had meetings every night but Thursday and since it was so completely hectic I decided to go shopping and get groceries. That leaves my weekend completely free to watch football and stitch and just relax and get ready for next week!

The highlight this week was opening my mail and seeing that I got a message on Facebook from former exchange student Julie Wery. We hosted Julie for about 6 months…..probably 10 years ago. Julie graduated from high school in Belgium, when she studied here she repeated her senior year.

Julie was the perfect daughter, she never disobeyed and she understood all the Rotary rules and was a model ambassador for her country of Belgium. Julie is all grown up now and married and has 2 children, a boy and a girl. I’m sure she is a wonderful mother because she was never in a bad mood, always pleasant.

Today's photo is of some Belgium lace that Julie gave me when she lived with us. Belgium is famous for their lace and chocolate. I remember her grandmother would often send a magazine in the mail to her and always inside the magazine would be a couple pieces of Belgium chocolate! Grandma also sent money occasionally! I think Grandma may have sent the money for her prom gown…. I remember searching everywhere for that dress and we finally found the one in a small shop in Lewisburg.

I have many happy memories of the time that Julie spent with us and I’m glad that we have found each other again and I was able to catch up on her life.


Joan Fricker said...

Kay, I remember when you had Julie living with you and how much you enjoyed her. I am glad you heard from her. It seems amazing she is married and has children. What nice memories for you this week.


~ Lindy ~ said...

ooooo....sounds like a trip to Belgium is in the works!! take me along! i remember Julie with us for a weekend in Virginia, right?