Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok, I took Joan's advice and didn't do anything at all to the gate, just brought it out front so when you are walking up my walk, you see my garden gate. I added some fresh cut flowers and some vintage garden tools.

I may bring it indoors this fall and use it in my bedroom...I can see some things hanging from it in my bedroom...

Thanks for your advice...although I was hoping to hear from my creative sister!!!!


Roxanne said...

Love the gate and the fact that it came from your old home place.Such sweet memories.
I have been by to visit,but haven't taken the time to comment. I just loved your July 54th banner.Such a great idea.
Our yard is still in such a mess that I am not wanting to draw any more attention to it,then we are already getting,but I hope to get most everything done by the fall so I can put out some fall things.

As always,I love to visit your blog.Thanks for sharing your life with me.


MrsEd said...

And you did a great job!! I'm going over to my mother's old house this afternoon and get the gate that is leaned up against the old house and I'm going to be a copy cat !! I love your page too...Good job...

Joan Fricker said...

Kay, I really like the gate where you put it. Just can be seasonal with all kinds of things to decorate it: Fall, Christmas, Spring and any other occasion you can come up with. What a great "eye catcher".


Roxanne said...

LOL !!! I just popped in to see what others had said about your lovely gate and re-read my original post. July 54th.....that's a great typo ! LOL !!!

I like Joan's idea about decorating it seasonly too.