Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back Porch Make-Over

I have been looking at my sad little back porch all summer wanting to do something to it, but not really knowing what to do until I found an inspiration porch on a blog. I wish I could remember where I found it so I could post the photo and give credit to it, but since I don’t remember let me just say that the inspiration porch floor was red and the spindles were white. My porch has been treated lumber since we added it to our house several years ago and truly ready for paint!

I picked a blue-green that I thought would look nice for the floor and enlisted my husband’s help to help with the prep work last week and then I started to paint. I think I picked the hottest weekend of the summer for this project.

Please forgive the empty window boxes. Perhaps I’ll fill them with something for the fall. I’ve got another project in the back of my car so I’m calling this one finished!


Mrs. B said...

Looks Great!!! I love the flag with the doggy on it :-)


Mrs. B

~ Lindy ~ said...

this is very pretty..... i'm surprised, though, that you were not 'daring' enough to go with a color that would really POP??? how unlike you and painting...especially for a BACK porch! (you know... the pink door, maroon dining room and hot pink bedroom???) it IS very pretty this way also!

TinaTx said...

Your little porch make-over is wonderful! I know all about waiting until it is HOT to take on projects like that! We seem to do a lot of that around here. As for the empty planters - I have two on the front porch and two on the back deck that have already lost what they started with at the beginning of the summer and I've decided to just let them go empty for now!

Adie said...

Kay, I love the color. The potting bench I made last year would go well here. The same color! Did you too get the stain from Lowe's?

Rose said...

Kay this looks so dreamy! I love it! You really did a nice job. BTW every window box is an empty one here, it's too hot, so I didn't even notice. :o)

travel agent said...

Nice job.
Getting a home makeover is many's dreams.
Doing so can make improvements, indeed.

Pat Winter said...

Love your porch makeover. Very inviting.Thanks for visiting my blog.