Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Garden Gate

For the past couple of days I have been weeding in a garden that I haven’t worked in for a few years and today I found a gate in there,. I knew I had it…it was a trellis for a lovely clematis that was growing around it. Only problem was there were so many weeds who knew the gate or the clematis was there? So….. I had my husband remove the gate and I brought it up to the house.

Ok, now what can I do with it? The gate was from my home and I remember hanging on it and climbing over it as a small child so it has some sentimental value to it. I saw one like this hanging on a brick wall with a maple sap bucket attached to it with some flowers in it and it was really cute. So, that is one possibility… but where do I hang it? Inside? Outside? I’m thinking my husband might not be easily persuaded to attach it to the vinyl siding on the front porch…. So, inside? I’m going to be repainting my bedroom soon….could I paint it and use it to hang something in there?

I would appreciate any suggestions about what I can do with my gate!!! And of course, I’ll be posting an “after” photo!


Anonymous said...

Kay, if your considering putting this in your newly painted bedroom, how about hanging it in a corner (or leaning it on the floor) and do a little vinyette on it. Hang an old hat, gloves, watering can, lace doilies, an old pair of baby shoes, etc. I can picture it, can you?? Debbie (Maine) rquirion@roadrunner.com

Joan Fricker said...

Kay, do you have room for it in your fenced in area where you have your wicker furniture? I can see it in a corner in your garden. I love gates and so much can be done with them. Yours is very nice too.