Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Brunch

I have become an avid blog reader during the past few weeks. I just love seeing the beautiful homes and I have really enjoyed seeing how they have been decorated for Christmas. I read blogs of decorators (shabby cottage style), and crazy quilters mostly. I think it would be so cool to have the talent of the various artists that I read about.

I am going to be working on my blogging skills and most importantly my photography skills this coming year. The light in my home is mostly wrong and when I use a flash I seem to burn the photograph! I have a problem seeing with my eyes. I wanted to take a photo of my table before our brunch on Christmas Day so I put everything on the table and grabbed my camera thinking I was ready to photograph a pretty table. As you can see my daughter has already removed her frozen fruit slush and put two pieces of toast on her plate. Apparently she used the paper towel that is also on the table to carry the toast in because the paper towel was not part of the tablescape. I used the green overlay as a last minute attempt to add some color to the white dishes and off white table cloth, but I neglected to iron it, hmmmm. Of course I never noticed any of that until today when I downloaded pictures onto my computer.

So, as I think of New Year’s Resolutions this year one of them will be to improve my “eye” for taking photos! Anyone else making New Year’s Resolutions?

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kjquilts said...

I think your table setting is beautiful. I have the Heritage dishes too. They are so easy to decorate with.