Saturday, December 22, 2007

Two more Days!!!

I made a trip today to the grocery store for what I thought would be the last time before Christmas…then I found out that I would be having 4 more for dinner, and I noticed that Molly ate some of my lettuce tonight for her supper… uh that was for a salad on Christmas, oh and I forgot the meat for the lasagna so…one more trip to the grocery store and I should be done.

I did a lot of gift wrapping today and actually finished that job so now I can go to Al’s family Christmas party tomorrow and not worry about what has to be done at home. Here is a photo of what I ended up doing with my cookies. I put them in a clear plastic box and added some Hershey’s Kisses and a tag. I wish I would have had some of those silver balls to decorate the cookies with, I’ll plan ahead next year!

This afternoon I was thinking about my Christmas table. Here is a photo….notice the centerpiece in the background. I needed something small because the table is not very wide and it fills up quickly with food. I like something low so it is easy to see around for conversation. I think this will work for me.


Anonymous said...

hope you had a wonderful christmas! blessings!

lana said...

Kay, I am Ashley's mom and I have so much enjoyed reading your blog. I'm about a "handful" of years older than you...counting on the fingers on one hand! :=) but I find we have many things in common, so it's one of my treats to visit your blog and your writings.
Your "trips to the store" sound JUST like me! Ask my daughter!
Love your posts!