Saturday, December 15, 2007

Estate Sale Purchases

I went to an estate sale today…. It was for the parent’s of my best childhood friend, Barbie Gross. I really wanted a remembrance from her home, the only problem is that the sale was in Pennsylvania and it was about 30 degrees there today! So, I dressed in my warmest clothes (and since I am not an outdoor person, I really don’t have warm clothes) and sat at a sale for about 4 hours. I did learn a few things today. #1 We will not be having my parents estate sale in December, January, February, or March…April and November are very questionable as well! #2 A warm pair of boots is a definite “must have”… I am going to get a pair with Christmas money! #3 The dogs can not be trusted to be home alone. Stewart must be crated when I am not home!

So this is what I bought for my $33.50….I think they only sold one piece of ironstone all day and luckily no one else wanted it, an ironstone oval veggie dish. I love most all Bavarian plates and found one. My sister wanted me to get her a piece of flow blue. She wanted a serving piece or a plate to hang on the wall but most of the flow blue had chips or were otherwise damaged so I was not really successful. She will have to settle for a cup and saucer. I also have a stack of "junk" still in my car that will be going directly to the dump but I did pick out two Christmas pieces in some of the "extras" that were with the stuff I actually wanted; a clear dish with a Christmas scene on it and a white plate with a tree could be filled with cookies and "regifted". It says not dishwasher or microwave safe....gee doesn't sound like a dish for my house! Oh and there is a silver plated nut dish that I can surely figure out something creative to do with.
So, I am just about thawed out and ready to tackle another project.

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Andrea said...

What a deal. The flow blue, even damaged, can fetch more than what you paid for the whole lot! Good for you. Braving the elements sometimes pays off. Glad to have found you.
Big Creek Cottage