Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday's Stash

On Friday night I decided that it was imperative that I have bugle beads! I had a couple colors but not the colors I was sure I needed. Saturday morning the feeling did not go away, I still needed them and getting them became more important than decorating the house. Oh wait....I might need some white poinsettias for the mantle as well as the bugle beads.... Yep, so I called a couple people to see if anyone wanted to go along with me but was not successful so I enjoyed my own company on the hour trip to AC Moore (craft store) and this is some of what I brought home. I did manage to find some white poinsettias as well as a rubber stamp that I will use to make some cards and some scrap booking and card making supplies. I had a very enjoyable morning. I came home and did nothing the rest of the day....Sunday I decorated and tonight I'm going to put my bugle beads to use on a crazy quilt block I am working on for the Encrusted Class I am taking.

I really should put that down and make a few Christmas gifts....time is running out. I am feeling a bit like Kristin with her knitting, so much to do, so little time!

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Knitting Kris said...

Your stash is so pretty and colorful. Your mantle is also gorgeous, darlin'!
I'm knitting away every night until 11 or later. The knitting begins around 9. So, you totally can start some Christmas gifts now!
Plenty of time!