Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Gifts

I'm feeling a bit less stressed as far as the Christmas gift giving goes. Yesterday Al and I did our annual trek to the stores. I don't know about your husbands when it comes to shopping but mine is about worthless at a mall....unless of course he brings his credit card, which he did yesterday. So it was not a wasted trip!

Does anyone make Christmas gifts? For those people who have everything, I like to give something from the heart...something that says I went to some trouble of more than picking up a gift card or putting a check in an envelope. This year I more or less didn't get it together as far as making anything. However, there is one person on my list who sends cards and so I made some "thank you" notes for him.

And on the homemade note, I have been inspired lately by some beautiful sugar cookies I have seen on some blogs and I'd sure love to make some really nice cookies to package individually and tie onto some presents. I am in the process of baking right now and have 4 beautifully baked cookies.... After Grey's Anatomy I will bake a few more....the real test comes tomorrow night when Molly and I try to transform ourselves into Martha Stewart! I may or may not post about my cookies! I am not very good at baking....I used to do a layered cake from scratch every year for Molly's birthday, after a few years of being embarrassed about those efforts I found it a whole lot easier to just take a family vacation on her birthday and let Ruby Tuesday or Red Lobster do the baking! But I'm older and wiser now....I think I can decorate a cookie!

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Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I think homemade gifts are just the best! Thanks for visiting my blog!