Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Cookies

The Christmas cookie baking was a success! I am not big on baking cookies but I stumbled upon a web site ( with what seemed like easy directions for royal icing and step by step directions on how to do it. When I saw the beautiful cookies, I decided that I need some of those to tie on gifts. And upon further investigation I see that they have some really cool cookie cutters and my wheels are already turning… I can see some really cute cookies for Molly’s sorority sister’s for Valentine’s Day…

So... Friday night I baked cookies and Saturday night I iced them and today I am feeling pretty good about the end results! I wish I would have had some of those silver balls to put on my cookies when I was decorating. Next time I bake sugar cookies I will plan ahead. Anyone who needs some encouragement to bake and ice these cool cookies, don’t hesitate to drop me a note because if I can do this, anyone can! Truly, all it takes is patience.


Michele said...

I love your snow flake cookies! They are beautiful! Did you have to buy the cookie cutter or did they give you a template? I am going to that site to get the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing.
And thank you so much for stopping by my new site, I do appreciate it.
Hugs~ Michele

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog site this morning...and one of those mornings that I'm running, running, running! I'll be back!! (Lots of things in common!) I'm the "Mamaw" of the Draper House blog site. Ashley's mom.
I shall return here! :=)
Have a wonderful day!