Friday, December 21, 2007

Feeling the Stress

Ok, well I'm starting to feel the stress of the upcoming holidays. I have to much to do and to little time. Gift wrapping looms large on the list! Here is a photo of my gift wrapping area. This is where I do most of my creative work. I put the papers and fibers away and got out the wrapping paper. I've got quite a few bags full of stuff yet to wrap. I really hope to put a dent in it tonight. I took a nap this afteroon so that I can stay up late and get started on the cooking with an occasional break to wrap something. Well that sounds pretty ambitious.. . Here is my list for tonight:

make pickled eggs

bag up the granola

wrap 10 gifts

bake sticky buns for Molly's boyfriend's family

design and print some gift cards

Anyone else reading blogs instead of working? I'd rather get lost in the decorating blogs than get to the reality of Christmas dinner!


Knitting Kris said...

I seem to be adopting the "Wrap as you go" policy, partly because I'm still in denial. Oh, all the gifts are purchased, and scattered and hidden. I absolutely love your cookies in the previous post - so talented! :) Like your dishware form Barb's sale! I love to go to sales!

Ashley said...

i love reading your mom loves it too...i am also a kappa delta like your daughter. have a blessed day! oh, and what i meant to say is that i also read blogs instead of doing what i'm supposed to, like taking down all the christmas stuff (and all kinds of other things). ; )